2018 Okinawa English Information

English Information:

2018 Karatedo Doshinkan Japan Okinawa training

Term: 24. Oct. to 3.Nov. 2018

Promoters and Leaders:  Shihan Ossi + Shihan Masako

We’d like to invite you everybody in the world for Karatedo Doshinkan Okinawa training 2018. We are fascinating always root of Karatedo, and we organize this training to get know about culture of Okinawa and people there. We train in the mornings and evenings. We also visit 4 different islands in Okinawa.

Doshinkan Okinawa Training 2018 English.docx

If you are interested in this Okinawa training 2018, please contact with Shihan Ossi shihanossi@aon.at or Shihan Masako shihanmasako@aon.at
We will give you more information and the pass words.

We also have some photos from Okinawa training 2015. Please click here …

The Okinawa trip 2018 with participants from Europe is fully booked from today 30.11.2017!
But it is possible to meet us in Naha in our Hotel.
More Information about the Costs ask Shihan Masako: shihanmasako@aon.at 

Deadline for all is December 15.